Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hannah Harris in Nairobi - the new view from my office!

I thought it about time I gave you all a little update on things with the AFN - it has been a while. The office moved from Moshi, Tanzania to Nairobi, Kenya a few weeks ago. Things have been a little hectic setting up our new work space but we are getting there. The office is a nice shiny new building where we have 2 rooms – one will be a board room, one our workspace.

At the moment these only have our desks in it and some new Fairtrade tea towels from London dotted around (like them!), but the design plans look pretty good so I hope it will be finished before I leave. I must say that it is a stark change of pace of life from Moshi to Nairobi. There's no view of Kili out of my window anymore - just the relentless lines of cars and buses in gridlock. It is certainly very different, but I am loving it nonetheless. Activity abounds, new staff have arrived and are busy meeting people and establishing their new roles. They are all great; it is nice to work within a bigger team.

I left my bike in Moshi after taking advice that I wouldn’t be safe on the madness of the roads (a wise decision) so I travel to work on a matatu (bus) listening to the local radio station at max volume trying to find some Zen in the noise before I start my day. This doesn’t normally work. I end up laughing at my attempt to do so.

I’ve been storming away trying to get everything ready for the new website – content, images, French translation etc. Things are on track and the new staff have been great at inputting into the project to make it a team effort. All should be ready for a launch in mid July. Watch this space.

3 of the new staff managed to visit the Fairtrade Foundation in London for a week. They came back very inspired – thanks to all at Fairtrade Foundation staff for looking after them and sharing with them what you do. Let the links continue!