Monday, 3 March 2008

Bus Tour: Glasgow

On Sunday 2nd of March the Choose Fairtrade bus visited Glasgow. The bus was parked outside the annual Fair Trade Experience which is known as being one of the UK's biggest and most exhilarating Fair Trade Events. Based in the heart of Glasgow's City Centre, the event brought together fair trade and ethical business from across Scotland and as far away as Brighton. Fairtrade producers from across the developing world and a fantastic line up of speakers, live music, workshops and activities for children added to the event. The Fair Trade Experience was an amazingly unique event, like no other I have ever witnessed, bringing so much innovation and passion into one room was truly amazing to see. I will definitely be visiting again!

Richard Wyatt
Marketing and Promotions Intern
Fairtrade Foundation

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Bus Tour Rolls into Sunderland

90 mile per hour winds were not enough to stop the Choose Fairtrade bus rolling into Sunderland city centre. Despite the terrible weather the event in Sunderland was a great event. It saw Fairtrade samples galore as very kind licensees from Tropical Wholefoods, Sainsbury's and Liberation! nuts (plus lots more) made their products available for the general public to sample. There was even a candyfloss stall using Fairtrade sugar!

The Sunderland Fairtrade group had done a wonderful job of putting together lots of fun games for people to engage with. This included guess the weight of the cake and guess the number of mangoes in the jar. One of the members of the Sunderland Fairtrade group even dressed up as a Fairtrade banana, which the kids seemed to love. The Choose Fairtrade bus was constantly full to capacity as hundreds of people entered to read further information about Fairtrade and listen to producer stories.

We in the Fairtrade movement are so lucky to have such dynamic and creative campaigners, who are really making giant steps to fulfilling our collective aims of making the world a better place for everyone who lives in it. The choose Fairtrade bus visit to Sunderland, in my mind, has definitely made these aims one step closer.

Richard Wyatt, Marketing and Promotions Officer

If you want to be a record breaker...

Dedication's what you need!

Well, Ashbourne in Derbyshire is now a record breaker after a simultaneous banana eating event this weekend with 361 people (and one dog!) and it certainly required a lot of dedication from a small band of committed volunteers.

The main message I’d like to pass on to other Fairtrade campaigners is that you can achieve a massive amount – even with limited resources. The core team behind the event was only six strong, although we have a much broader base of supporters who helped on the day.

From this small band of volunteers we achieved a new world record but more importantly gained considerable media coverage across TV, radio and press including BBC Radio Derby, Central News, BBC East Midlands Today, Derby Evening Telegraph, and (bizarrely) The Scotsman, Lancashire Evening Post and Bournemouth Daily Echo! Good news certainly travels far and wide!

The big question is: do you think you can break our record?

Stuart Green
Ashbourne Fairtrade Town Initiative