Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Big Lunch 2010 by Ruth Bruce

Fairtrade Garstang's Chairperson Ruth Bruce talks about preperations for this weekend's Big Lunch.

On Sunday the 18th July at 1.00pm, the group behind Garstang Fairtrade Town will once again be celebrating the Big Lunch. This year we’re hoping for clear skies to go with family fun in Cherestanc Square, just outside Booths in Garstang, Lancashire. As with last year, we’ll be celebrating people, food and fun, bringing our community together and celebrating the communities behind our fresh fruit, cola and chocolate by choosing Fairtrade. Come join us and bring your picnic to our picnic! We’ll bring the music and plenty of Fairtrade themed fun including al fresco snakes and ladders and pin the Fairtrade tea on the teapot. There will also be plenty of Fairtrade goodies, from cotton wool to wine, for you to try, enjoy and try again and again… Any Big Lunchers out there looking for fabulous Fairtrade recipes and possibly a few, last minute ideas for events, have a look here

Bring your family and friends and relax in the open air, whilst we prove once again what a people friendly place Garstang is. The Big Lunch is an opportunity to celebrate people, place and food – we’re also celebrating ten years since we became the world’s first Fairtrade Town and that over 800 communities in 19 countries have followed in our footsteps.  Most of all, we’re proud to join Britain for a great Big Fair Lunch and that the farmers behind the Fairtrade goodies we’ll enjoy on Sunday  have been paid a fair price – enough to build a brighter future for their own communities. So roll on Sunday 18 June and let’s all raise a glass or two of Fairtrade bubbly to what really makes the world go round – people, place and making the best possible connections within and between our communities.

Find out more about The Big Lunch 2010 here.

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