Friday, 5 March 2010

Red Cafe meets in Matagalpa, Nicaragua by Richard Anstead

Fairtrade Foundation's Head of Product Management Richard Anstead has blogged from Nicaragua where he attended a meeting of Fairtrade certified coffee producers.

In this second week of Fairtrade Fortnight I have been fortunate enough to ‘swap’ a week in the UK for a week in hot and sunny Nicaragua!

Here I am representing the Coffee team in the UK and the Fairtrade Foundation at an annual meeting of the Red Cafe.

The Red Cafe represents Fairtrade Certified Smallholder Coffee Producers from all over Central and Southern America and has been meeting this week to discuss ways of growing sales of Fairtrade coffee and increasing the impact of Fairtrade across its members. We have had two days of meeting in Matagalpa and a further day spent in the field visiting coffee growers.

It has been an inspiring meeting with people attending from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, UK and from Kenya!

It has been clear that Fairtrade is having a positive impact amongst these producers and the support and input from everyone at the meeting will help both deepen the impact for existing producers as well as make it more accessible for other producers who want to enter the Fairtrade market.

The strongest message I will take back to the UK though is that Fairtrade’s strength and future is being defined by some of the most inspiring and passionate women and men from across producing countries who want to use every opportunity they can to trade their way out of poverty.

Watch out for another blog at the weekend when I will be sharing news from some of the coffee growers here in Nicaragua.

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  1. One of the reasons I am so keen on Fairtrade is the fact it is democratic and empowering for women.