Monday, 3 March 2008

Bus Tour: Glasgow

On Sunday 2nd of March the Choose Fairtrade bus visited Glasgow. The bus was parked outside the annual Fair Trade Experience which is known as being one of the UK's biggest and most exhilarating Fair Trade Events. Based in the heart of Glasgow's City Centre, the event brought together fair trade and ethical business from across Scotland and as far away as Brighton. Fairtrade producers from across the developing world and a fantastic line up of speakers, live music, workshops and activities for children added to the event. The Fair Trade Experience was an amazingly unique event, like no other I have ever witnessed, bringing so much innovation and passion into one room was truly amazing to see. I will definitely be visiting again!

Richard Wyatt
Marketing and Promotions Intern
Fairtrade Foundation

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  1. Hello Richard and Fairtrade bloggers

    Glad to see that you've tapped into the blog world to promote Fairtrade.

    You might be interested in my posts in Feb and March in support of Fairtrade Fortnight and my interview with Jenny Foster, Bristol Fairtrade co-ordinator.

    Feel free to use any of my material or the photos on my Flickr site. I'll also let you know of any Fairtrade articles I come across on other blogs.

    You might think about some 'Guest bloggers' going forward, particularly among the Food blogging fraternities - happy to help with some ideas.